Feeling kiasu/competitive? Check out Alexa traffic comparison

It is bad to be competitive but if you wish to improve, it is inevitable. One has to keep track and see if one’s site is improving or slacking. So, to know that, I subscribe to URL trends to keep track of my Alexa rankings. Besides that, when I am feeling bored or bitchy (usually bitchy :P ), I would log on to Alexa to compare traffic. Well, to compare my few sites (and bloggers I wish to heh, get ahead).

So, if you have not heard of this traffic comparison on Alexa, then, you are going to enjoy this very much. Go on, take your nemesis’s blog (aka your enemies lah) and compare. Hope you get some cheap thrills. Hahaha. *evil grins*

Post Author: lilian

2 thoughts on “Feeling kiasu/competitive? Check out Alexa traffic comparison


    (May 15, 2007 - 6:14 am)

    I just check my Alexa ranking but I don’t compare them


    (May 15, 2007 - 6:37 am)

    I still remember my old 2 million mark ranking. No shock there. Traffic? what traffic? My blog is so deserted, I have to go ask people to come one. Hahahhaha.
    Thanks Lilian for supporting me. In every little big thing. :)

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