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Is it just me or have you also notice that the broadband speed has increased. Surfing seems a little less painful now that the speed is faster. I managed to get more things done with this quicker broadband. Yay to that! I cannot imagine how one survives without broadband.

The whole world ought to be wired into one little cosy world with broadband and nothing but broadband, don’t you think so? It makes us so much more productive and less stressed out. So, if you are looking for cheap broadband deal and you live in the UK, then, you should know about the offer from Eclipse. They are giving away one month free of surfing on their high speed broadband plus hear this….you will be given a free wireless router as well.

Is that a good deal or what? Please tell me you are no longer using dial-up? Do you know that dial-up is so much more expensive eventhough it is must slower and jagged? I used to be on dial-up and incurred monthly charges that gave my hubby heart attacks. When we switched to broadband, it was like a totally fresh breath of air.

Back to my first question – Have you felt the faster internet speed?

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2 thoughts on “Faster broadband


    (January 19, 2007 - 10:51 pm)

    i did a test and it seems that dial-up’s ping to internation websites is faster right now than broadband (streamyx: starts with 60 ip number). tmnet make a short annoucement on thursday, stating that the connetion will be fully restored on 23rd January.


    (January 20, 2007 - 9:25 am)

    Thanks add! Cannot wait to get back to normal again.

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