Fantastic tools – The Scrutinizer

You got to check out this link which I got from fellow postie blm03 of My Thoughts, Ideas, and Rambings who posted it on PPP’s forum.

The site is call The Scrutinizer which has 269 very useful links and tools for webmasters. I discovered how little I know about the web. So many of the links are totally new to me and I didn’t even know that websites need some of those.

Apparently, a lot of my site links are broken. :( And pages are missing etc etc. Hmmm..not a very nice sight. So, plenty of things to work on.

Do enjoy your adventure at The Scrutinizer. Book mark it ‘cos I know you are going back to check out all the stuffs. I think by the time I checked out every single thing and learn, I will be an internet guru already. LOL.

Post Author: lilian