Factors that may help Text Link Ad approves our site

I have a domain which we (another bereaved parent and I) financed. We wanted to use it as our deceased children’s memorial but somehow, we ended up having new babies and were too tied down to pursue the matter. After some years , we sort of feel better and never really want to dwell much on it. The site used to have a PR2/10 ranking and traffic was rather low.

Anyway, I submitted my site to [tag]Text Link Ads [/tag] (TLA) about a month ago. Naturally, my application got rejected because traffic is sometimes nil. Not that I am complaining because I certainly do not want to have that many readers which are bereaved parents. Less traffic means less bereaved parents.

However, I got a pleasant surprise this morning because TLA sent me an email:

Your inventory was accepted!

Hello Chan Lilian,

Your site http://myhealingpath.net has been accepted and we are now ready to begin selling ads but first you will need to install the script to put the ads on your site.

The implementation instructions can be found by clicking here.

The Web Financials

If you’ve enabled ads on your website, the price we will be selling links off this page: http://myhealingpath.net is between $10.00 and $25.00 per month per link.

We will sell a maximum of 8 links on this page so with our 50% revenue share policy your site can make between $40.00 and $100.00 per month if we fill all 8 ad spots with advertisers.

One of the factor that may leads this site to be approved by TLA is probably the increase of my pagerank from 2/10 to 4/10 during Google’s recent changes. Another reason is my upgrading from a static site to using WordPress.

I have another equally depressing site related to critically ill children and premature babies. It is also another one of my ‘community duty’ domain which has a PR3/10 and with very low traffic too. However, TLA has sold two text link ads on that site.

So, to all those whom had submitted your site to TLA but hasn’t receive an approval yet, just have patience. TLA will approve your site in due time, I am sure. Just keeping updating your site with good contents.
In the meantime, I am really glad that TLA accepted both of these sites because I don’t earn anything from Google Adsense over there. I need money to pay for the domain each year and whatever I can earn from TLA will certainly help to ease my burdens.
Text Link Ads! You rawks!

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