Exciting things coming from PayPerPost

As a postie, I am terribly excited about the recent announcements from [tag]PayPerPost[/tag]. I am not sure how it will affect me, a blogger from outside the US of A. But I am pretty confident that good blogs with good ranking and traffic are beyond boundaries of plantet earth. We live in the cyberworld and what counts are the rules of the cyberworld. Positive thinking, right?

I am going to highlight some of the things found on PPP’s blog :

1) What Larry Dignan from[tag] ZDNet[/tag] says…

PayPerPost, a company that pays bloggers to write about products, will announce new tools for advertisers to target high-end bloggers, disclosure “badges” to better identify sponsored posts, a [tag]Firefox[/tag] toolbar and new video categories.

2. From the Advertising Sales front

I am delighted to announce that Jody Salamarid formally of [tag]MySpace[/tag] will join my sales team as Director of Sales for the Western Region on Monday February 12th. Jody brings with her strong relationships with the movie studios, television networks, auto imports, [tag]Sony[/tag], [tag]Apple [/tag]and Boost Mobile just to name a few. Jody will be based in Los Angeles.

Joining my team on Monday is Joe “Sales” Vaughn. Joe is eager to get advertisers that have signed up for PayPerPost but never deposited on board. Joe will also be looking at competitive sites for potential advertisers that have interesting products and services for you to blog and film about.

3. [tag]Robert Scoble[/tag] to Keynote PostieCon 07

Much like PayPerPost, [tag]Scoble[/tag] has had his share of controversy and much like me he stands up for what he believes in. He has taken some shots at PayPerPost in the past, but has an open mind to our concept and has helped shape our direction in the past. It took incredible guts for him to agree to do this keynote and I applaud him for doing so.

My take on this?

I joined [tag]PPP[/tag] in October 2006 and risk all the negative inputs I heard and read on the internet. At that time, there was very little bloggers in Malaysia who took up paid postings. I joined PPP because I love the controversies and negative inputs from the A-list bloggers. Nothing like a good flame to get me attentive. Looks like it was a smart move for me because I can see that PPP is getting bigger and hotter. They have been expanding and more and more people are joining the company. This translates to more advertisements, more money and more opportunities for bloggers/posties like me.

We get the buzz through PPP’s forum that changes are looming in the horizon this Monday. I am pretty confident these changes are for the best because PPP have always taken care and listened to their advertisers as well as bloggers like me. [tag]Ted Murphy [/tag] personally attended to our questions and so are all his staffs like Karen, Pete, Veronique and the others. PPP is a community that helps bloggers to earn big bucks. Join now, don’t wait further. You may lose out on the opportunities. I earn a four figure USD income per month. (and I am only blogging at half of my blogs) :P Enough conviction? Blue button on the sidebar? *points to sidebar button*

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2 thoughts on “Exciting things coming from PayPerPost


    (February 4, 2007 - 2:16 am)

    Haha, no use promoting the blue button to me since I am already a Postie :) I aim to get a four figure income with PPP this month, and I know it is possible.

    – MENJ


    (February 4, 2007 - 1:31 pm)

    Hi 5xmom;

    It sounds attractive, anyway I’ve only blogged for less than 2 months, my blog was started in 3rd week of december last yr, still too new to join PPP :( , btw what’s the min PR that is most likely to win approved post by PPP? I’ve got PR 4 now :) Hope I can get to PR 5 and above in mid of March, when my blog is 90-day old. Thanks :)

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