Exciting changes from Text Link Ads

Looks like there are even more exciting things in store for TLA Publishers. This just comes in from LinkBuildingBlog.

We are excited to announce that [tag]Text Link Ads[/tag] Inc will be joining forces with [tag]MediaWhiz.[/tag] This will bring some exciting changes to our platform. Here is how this will benefit you in the coming months…

Publishers: by leveraging MediaWhiz’s agency relationships and sales staff we will be able to sell more ad space on your website. We also will be adding the ability to monetize your website in new ways including: CPA offers and CPM display advertising.

For us bloggers, it means more ads coming our way. Woohoo! Quick, If you have a blog hosted on your own, then do sign up with Text Link Ads (aff). (TLA doesn’t accept blogspot or other free blogs but you can try Performancing instead)

This is an exciting time for our team and our clients. We have found a great partner that will be able to help our publishers and advertisers earn more money. We are looking forward to delivering more great products and even better service in the coming months with this alliance!

Also remember to an eye on Review Me which will be launched on November 9.

Post Author: lilian