Ethical to get paid per blog?

I am in a little dilemma.  There is a Paypal payment waiting for me to approve for close to RM500 (converted from USD) for a few blog posts.  I can easily spin some stories and include just a link of the sponsors (advertisers) and my work is done.  I do not have to sing praises nor promote something I do not use, just mere mention of a link while I am writing about a bigger issue.
However, I had read up several blog gurus’ opinions and pay-per-post idea seems to be unethical to some of them.  Well, for me, if I am not selling my soul in my personal blog, I do not see how unethical that is.  For these blog gurus, they claimed to earn USD30K per day so how could a USD10 per post entice them?  But USD10 is translated to RM36.80 for me in return for a blog post of  100 words.
I had been blogging without expecting any income for several years.  My main purpose was to share what I know through my parenting, women, food & travel and photography blogs.  Many people do think that I am a fool in putting in my money to start the site, writing tirelessly and at times, getting flaks from disgruntled people.  But I received such satisfaction in knowing that others benefitted from it.

Still….I need to re-consider this ethics issue. At the same time, I have to re-evaluate how important my faithful readers are to me.   Meanwhile, bloggers may be interested to read what ReviewMe has to say about this “Should bloggers disclose sponsored posts?”

Post Author: lilian