Eenie, Meenie, Shoemoney, Oi JohnChow mou?

Translation : Oi JohnChow mou? means “Want JohnChow or not?” in Cantonese.

ShoeMoney and JohnChow are two of the most influential make money bloggers. Some people may see them on different side of the spectrum. The dark and the light. But I see one similarity. Both are doting fathers to baby girls. I have watched both ShoeMoney and JohnChow’s baby daughter’s video and the mom in me just melts. Blogging dads!

So, you probably heard that John Chow has beaten Shoemoney in their RSS competition by 2,500 subscribers but the competition is still ongoing. John is offering some great prizes for people signing up to his full feed RSS . Shoe is the cool guy who always look relaxed. No prize from him though.

If you want to win some prizes, just sign up for JohnChow’s full feed RSS .

I had signed up. Sometimes, he throws some freebies to the subscribers. So, I suggest you sign up to his feed as well. Why? Because if you want to call yourself a blogger who blogs for money, you gotta to know some of the evil side of things to survive. Knowing things does not mean you must follow blindly but rather, be aware and be alert.

And John, I am not interested in the prizes except the first prize.

a complete WordPress blog redesign valued at $750 by Adriann Pienaar of Adii .

The rest? You can give it to others. All I want for Christmas is a new template, a new template, a new template!

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