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Let’s see….I know Simon for over 2 years, I think? Back then, he was blogging from blogspot and I was amused with his photographic memories of those olden days black and white movies, Hongkong series and his observations of even the most mundane things. I used to call him the Top Ten blogger. Nope, not because his blog is so hot, it is on the top ten spots. It is because he has a list of Top Ten of everything.

Through the years, I bugged him to get his own domain. Then, I conned him into the evil, dark side of writing paid posts. Now, he is already a professional with his own e-biz blog which he described as a blog about e-biz and making money online.

Woohoo! When you have friends blogging along the same line as yours, you tend to feel a cosier community feel because we can exchange notes and tips. His English is flawless (I think, I can’t be very sure because mine is bad so anything else better is best) and he is a fast learner. Since he hangs around other probloggers’ blogs, I am going to bookmark him and add to my Google reader so that I can pick up those tips he learnt.

So, welcome Simon to the world of making money online!

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    (July 5, 2007 - 6:16 pm)

    tenkiu tenkiu! i’d like to thank all the ppl who help me get here…! (clap, clap, clap)

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