I mentioned about taking TLA off a few of my sites. But after some thoughts I have changed my mind.

In fact, I had written to TLA and Drew has promptly replied to me that my wish will be his command. LOL, actually not in that exact sentence but Drew and all the folks at TLA are such a nice bunch. So, I wonder who is the problematic one when I see bloggers bitching about losing their money with TLA because they cancel their links?

Well, I had a change of mind because I am not living up to the obnoxious image if I cower to Google and their PR smacks. I had been thrown from PR 4 to PR 2 to PR 3 and God knows what else next. So, yeah, the text links ads from TextLinkAds stays. So does the text link ads from LinkWorth. And every damn company who wish to give me money, I take your links.

Between yesterday and today, my offers from ReviewMe Prime Reviews and SR have been flowing in. So does my TLA links. I just sold two more. So, my conclusion is “Don’t be pansies.”

Like I told TLA, I have earned a lot from them since they implemented the text link ads and I am not about to ditch them just because of this.

Should I repeat to readers again that most ad companies do not use Google Pagerank as their yardstick?

Linkworth – LinkRank measures our site strength.

SponsoredReviews – Use Yahoo backlinks

Argus (coming real soon) – PPP is going to do away with it too when Argus is launched

Nuffnang – Our local ads company measures our traffic and not PR.

I believe TLA too will soon come up with something that doesn’t use PR.

And the optimistic me hopes all the pansies/chicken shits will drop out of all the ads program and worship Adsense only. That leaves a lot of opportunities to me. Muahahahar.

Please make sure you read Wicko’s post which I linked above, ok? I told Wicko “You got balls!”

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