If you have a blog, do you compare if it measures up to your peers’ blogs? Or do you just keep writing for the sake of writing and do not give much thought to the design, the functionality of your site and if it is making money?

If you are seriously into blogging, then read on. If you already start to doubt and pooh-pooh that you do not need to compare, then, go turn on the idiot box and enjoy some re-runs of Barney or Teletubbies. Or go read blog Saiful.

I like to compare my niche blogs to the ‘industry standard’. For example, if I have a photoblog, I like to know what blogging platform or gallery the other photoblogs are using. And if I am blogging about food, I spy and see how those high traffic blogs get their subscribers and readers.

We have to be aware of all these nitty-gritty things in order to stay ahead. Do not just keep stuffing good stuffs into your blog without polishing the edges and trimming the sides to make it shine.

One of the method of spying around is to use Stumleupon. Stumbleupon is actually a stress reliever to me as well. Sometimes, when I am tired, I just stumble aimlessly through and keep going. You can choose the kind of genre you like. I pick humor, food, adult (yeah so what?), health and etc to browse through. At times, I steal some ideas. At times, I am merely entertained. Whatever, I know where I stand when I compare my site with the same niche.

So, go sign up with Stumbleupon and start to discover excellent sites that millions of users like. You can increase traffic too but don’t count on that. If you are lonely over there, add me! Add me to Stumbleupon through this link.

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