Does our webhost influences our downloading speed?

I am about to strangle self because right now, I am setting up a phpBB forum for my church. The hosting is from local (from my island) and I think they paid RM78 for the whole year hosting. It is hosted on Windows NT and I do not have access to cpanel.

I have two other phpBB forums and hence, I am familiar with stuffs which is why I undertook to set up the forum. Both forums are hosted in US. But this forum is hosted in Penang (Malaysia).

I notice that things are really, really slow and sometimes, the pages do not download fully. It has nothing to do with the internet speed because my other pages on other websites work just fine.

So, to all the techie guys out there – Could it be the webhost that is causing these lag? We haven’t open the forum to the parishioners and public yet so I need to solve it now. I do not want to end up with a dinosaur which cause everyone frustrated. Help please! I am banging head on the keyboard with the speed and the half-loaded pages.

If it is the hosting that is the problem, do you think upgrading on this Exb company will help?

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    (March 20, 2007 - 1:59 am)

    auntie, it really depends.

    Lets say, your server in local, penang for example is overloaded. maybe theres many people downloading porn .. even if the connection is good, maybe with a slow hard disk, the CPU is trying to find the data, but slow. then you will have a slow site also.

    for example, phpbb uses database, which means the server got to find it, literally by comparing all the tables and all which takes CPU.

    If example, if its a picture, the server dont need to compare stuffs, it already know, then it’s a different story all together already.

    If lets say .. the webhost is empty, they are not overloading the server with too many users, then we can try to blame the internet.

    for example. from KL to Penang, can take many road. Some road maybe got construction, I use the east west instead of north south highway. Maybe some felle use trunk road, internet also the same. depending on which “road” you use.


    (March 20, 2007 - 9:26 am)

    I think it’s Streamyx. Not your side, but the hosts. Maybe both.

    I’m just biased against Streamyx. LOL.

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