Does more ad mean more money?

I am actually quite embarassed with Sha’s analysis of the amount of ads we bloggers have on our blogs. I topped the chart because LOL, I have 15.5% of my personal blog space dedicated to ads. However, the positive side of me compare my percentage with JohnChow (27.86%) and Problogger (17.76%) and realise that I am at that ideal stage of monetizing our blog space.

So, the question most people may have is : Will putting more ads on your blog makes you money?

The answer : It depends on the status of the blog.

If you just start blogging and you have very little traffic, do not drive your visitors away with ads. Keep it to the minimum. Open your eyes wide, read a lot and find out which ads work and which don’t. Be selective with what you place there.

Otherwise, people will be turn off with the appearance of your blog and ditch you altogether.

You may ask, “Why the hell do you have so many ads on your site and yet, you are discouraging us?”

Each and every square there pays. So, I have no choice but to place them there. LOL. I am able to do so because my blog has good organic traffic and those organic traffic needs an ‘outlet’ to go and they usually click on my ads as the ‘exit door’. Organic traffic visitors usually don’t care much about our real content, you know? Unless your blog is a niche blog and not some rojaks like mine.

Moreover, the local advertises have to ask me to place their ads there. I know, I know, this sounds snobbish. But I actually dislike seeing flash ads and those annoy me a lot. It can gives me seizure. Previously, I never use the 336 x 280 banner ad but they INSISTED so I have no choice but to add in. *serious face* I no bullshit one.

On top of that, both TLA and LinkWorth links ads too want a spot because some of their advertisers know what keywords I rule in and they place their links there.

Then, there are the Adsense ads. The 336 x 280 large rectangle on the single page pays well. *hint, hint, heed my advice*

Recently, the appearance of WidgetBucks earn me money too.

So, there you have it, so many ads, so much money.

Yes, I also have an A-List blogger badge there to make up the eye candy.

Now, I wonder if I have too many ads here? I don’t know how ShaMoneyMaker calculated the percentage but he has an interesting observation. Go to his blog and add him to your RSS feeds. He is a blogger from Singapore.

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4 thoughts on “Does more ad mean more money?


    (November 14, 2007 - 1:27 am)

    I’m one of the bloggers who is a bit afraid of putting ads on my personal blog. My blog is quite new so I guess that’s why I’m a bit wary of putting ads, since I think that it might drive my readers away (hah, like I have lots of them. xD). Though I have some ads on my other blog which is a bit more non-personal. I haven’t earned anything from my ads since I’ve had my them up so I get discouraged to put them there. I think to myself, why put them there when no one seems to bother to click. xD


    (November 14, 2007 - 2:17 am)

    It’s such a fine line. I struggle with when and how many ads to put on a website/blog. I typically end up putting them on right from the beginning but I don’t know if thats smart. Thanks for the insight.

    uncle sha

    (November 14, 2007 - 9:53 am)

    Hi Lilian

    i calculated using simple mathematics. I capture a whole screenshot of your blog and calculate total area.

    then i added up your ads total area and tally a percentage over the total blog area

    more or less there’s +/-2% error in calculation, not much

    but you changed your theme as i based it on your previous design, so i guess the calculation differs now

    thanks for the pimp :)

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