I went to buy some baking utensils today. While at the shop, I found some really nice plates and bought two. If I am not a food blogger, I wouldn’t even think about these things.

However, being a blogger who makes money through my blog, I have developed the habit of buying things that can help with my blog. Some of the things that I have spent my money on are :

1) Purchase of my Sony Vaio laptop and iMac (just because I can afford)

2) Purchase of cameras and lens (more to feed my hobby)

3) Purchase of bigger webhosting like my VPS and another shared hosting with a different webhost

4) Advertising on some selected blogs (I feel this is not such a great idea)

5) Organising contest (now I am too broke to do that)

6) Purchase of things that help improve my blogging (softwares/programs)

7) Getting all the things which are bloggable materials like skincare, cosmetics, cutleries, pots and pans and etc

8) Pay for my mobile phone unlimited broadband service

9) Purchase of a mobile phone which helps with keep track of my blogs

10) Purchase of skincare and vitamins to keep me going and going and going LOL

Normally, I will convert what I wanted to buy into USD. Then, it seems so cheap. After that, I estimate how many days I need to earn that amount of money. With all these steps, all my purchases and investments become legitimate.

Since I am not much of a spender, and I think I am rather frugal, I do have a tidy sum in my basket.

So, do you invest some of the money you earned online to make more money or improve your blog? Or do you burn all of them in unrelated things?

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