Do you drop your name or use a keyword when you comment?

This is something that irks me. If it is my personal blog, I only want to see only personal names. Anything weird, I will make fun of them because like I said, it is my personal blog.

If it is my food blogs, I am paranoid of competitors. People who want to sell their cupcakes or anything like Grilled chicken in place of their name will get the comment deleted. I don’t care if they leave me 500 words comments on how to grill chicken in my grill chicken post. You get what I mean? I play alone.

I also will not let Lucy or Susie who has a link to breastpumps companies in my parenting and breastfeeding blog because though the name may be real, they are only trying to leech off my search engine rankings.

However, I am more generous on this blog because I know everyone is doing what they can to improve their blogs. After all, we are all into this SEO race and we want to try out whatever we learn. So, if they are bloggers with legitamate contents, I do let Mr. Online Blogging or Make Money Blogging through.

The post from pimpmypagerank title “Keywords as your name in blog comments, spam or sensible?” and AndyBeard‘s comment has prompted me to bring up this issue. See? Fakey, fakey comments.

Then there are the underlings hired to namedrop their employer’s or mentors blog (yeah I know one guru who gets his students to comment spam for him as part of their free training)

See? Blogs like our niche, make money blog or how to blog blog have very few sincere commentors. Usually, they come by because they want a link from you. Most of the times, these are automated. (yeah, there are softwares to do stuffs like these) So, how do you feel about that? Do you generously allow every Mister ‘SEO’, ‘Make Money Online’, ‘Make millions with Adsense’ and stupid names like that to get through? Or do you nuke them?

My WordPress filter has managed to hold back new IPs, new emails and new commentors’ comments and wait for me to moderate. And yeah, don’t waste time with my blog. I am a No-follow for the time being.

Of course, comments are most welcome and I shall try to reply to every single one. And I like to stick to the name my dad gave me, thank you very much. Or sometimes, I like the 5xmom name ‘coz I am proud of my five sons.

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2 thoughts on “Do you drop your name or use a keyword when you comment?


    (January 19, 2008 - 10:36 pm)

    hey. thanks for the comment.
    do you have msn or sort? i still wish to understand more about PPP and other details. Thanks.


    (January 20, 2008 - 2:08 am)

    Well sometimes it feels bad to see the website name in stead of the realperson’s name or net alias name. However sometimes new bloggers really visits weblogs and leave website name for more linkbacks, although they want some recognization but yeah thy are genuine persons who are visting and reading blog.

    Anyways good post and different point by you….

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