Someone told me that she had told another person that I am making money from Google Adsense and other online income. That other person said I am bullshitting because all of these are just scams! *#@%&^!

So, I have no choice but to reveal a couple of old cheques. Note that these are older cheques because nowadays, I receive my TextLinkAds through Paypal and have them cashed into my account the next business day. (ask me in private if you trust me)


I think these are payments for November 2006 income. (I forget to set my camera’s date) And yes, the amount has increased dramatically because I have added a few more blogs since then. And yes, this is a monthly check from Google. And yes, both cheques are mine except that one of them is in my hubby’s name. You know the sayings….never put all your eggs in one basket.

Actually, I do not like to reveal my income but being accused of bullshitting is too hard to take without making a fuss. It is ok if people thinks I am not doing much but it is another thing to be accused of lying to people to earn money.

If you are a PayPerPost postie, you can see my total income since October 2006 (USD5K) on the dashboard. Chan 6127 is my ID. I am also doing ReviewMe,, Blogitive, Blogvertise…….phew…so many other things.

So, ahhhh….now I feel better. Don’t envy or drool. Don’t try to guess my current monthly income. You can earn that too, or even much more. Just blog regularly, with good contents and niche topics.

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