A while back, Google decided to make the ‘clickable’ part of our adsense ad limited to the URL and not the area surrounding the ads. I was expecting a drop in my Adsense income. But it doesn’t happen.

Then, recently, Google takes away the ‘Advertise on this site’. Me thinks Google is sick and tired of us complaining to them about spammy sites using that. My Adsense income also didn’t drop.

Initially, when I got smacked with PR 0, I did notice a drop in Adsense income for a couple of weeks. Now, the income has increased and stabilized again.


Do you notice that some of our Adsense banner ads now come WITHOUT the Ads by Google? The above is a screenshot of the flash ad by Google I found on my personal blog. I guess Google Adword has now revamped its boring advertisements to attract more clicks. Adsense know that we are now blind to the same ole same ole ‘Ads by Google’. So, they have made their ads much more attractive and that means, better income for us publishers.

I know many people do not like to hear this but YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH ADSENSE if :
1) You have niche topic
2) You have good ads placement
3) You have steady stream of organic traffic

Yesterday, I went to cash out my Adsense and it is more than enough for me to buy a Nintendo Wii for my children and other smaller gifts. Thank you, Uncle Sam and Uncle Goog! Well, I haven’t get the Nintendo Wii yet but most likely Mrs. Claus will do just that.

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