I watched the live interview with JeffOoi on RTM1 last Sunday. JeffOoi is a Member of Parliament and he is one of Malaysia’s most prominent blogger.

When he won the Parliamentary seat in Jelutong during the 12th General Election, the reporters mobbed him more than the Chief Minister. No bullshit. I was there at their press conference on the night DAP won the Penang state and all the videographers, photographers, reporters and the media folks swarmed around him. These are not just any media but international news media.

So, the other night, he was interviewed live on TV and I expected the interviewer from this Government run TV station (Jeff Ooi is from the ‘opposition’ party) kept going round and round about advertisements on blog instead of focusing on real, political or even blogging issues.

The interviewer kept insisting that if we have advertisements on our blogs, we will sell our souls and intergrity. So, yeah, I was rather pissed.

JeffOoi retorted that the only reason he has ads on his blog is to explore this new form of media and hopefully, if it works, it will help all the Malaysian bloggers. JeffOoi told the interviewer that JeffOoi.com earns very little and the site only made USD200 per month from Adsense.

So, folks, wake up already. You cannot make money with Adsense. Even with a high traffic like JeffOoi, you won’t make much. Unless…..


Unless…….(that will be another post, ok)

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