Thanks to FlikTeoh who has a blog Online Money, I checked my pagerank and according to the little green bar, I have PR five! Pagerank 5/10!

I had pagerank 5/10 a long time ago but Google murdered my pagerank after they found out that I was doing PayPerPost. I removed all my PayPerPost posts (I can remove after 30 days btw) and begged Google and got back to Pagerank 4/10.

But all the while, I know I deserve PR5/10 because I am ‘totally clean’, ok? As for my other blogs, I don’t see any carnage this time and hope it remains the same.

So, did you get a Google pagerank update today? Seems that Google is updating pagerank every two months nowadays. It is certainly very distressing to see pagerank dropping but when it increases, it is time to celebrate as well.

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