DealDotCom – I join because they said so

The real John and the fake John both blogged about DealDotCom. Like all kiasu (afraid of losing) bloggers, I join too. This is call the herd mentality. Sometimes, it pays off, sometimes we ended up with a big SUCKER written on the forehead.

Anyway, this DealDotCom is supposed to be launched on September 18th but only selected ones have the link for their friends to sign up. (don’t believe a word I said, I am only mimicking those liars, liars, pants and tails on fire with the same kind of gimmick)

Since it is free and you got nothing to lose, go join DealDotCom.

What is it? It says there we can make money through some affiliate program.

How? Heck, I don’t know. I never read fine prints. You go find out yourself, ok?

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1 thought on “DealDotCom – I join because they said so


    (September 16, 2007 - 5:53 am)

    Your 2 latest posts (dealdotcom and website grade) seems similar like john chow’s..(or following his footsteps).
    You are indeed a Kiasu :P.

    Well this shows that, to be the best you have to follow the best!

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