Darpdiu,darpdiu,darpdiu – www

It is funny how some people still tend to type the darpdiu,darpdiu,darpdiu or if you prefer double u, double u, double u when they are searching for things. I mean www.

I get lots of search looking for www. sex with aunties ** or www.make money blogs instead of right to the point. A certain country trend shows that they also have a lot of www in searches.

Now, I think it is smart for us to add some www.make money into our keywords because billions of people think they need to say darpdiu, darpdiu, darpdiu before they can find a www.website.

So, everyone ready for www.malaysia election 2008 yet?

** yeah, that’s the secret of my online income success. Blek. Ptui!

Moral of the story? Cater your blogs for noobs to make more money from blogging.

Post Author: lilian