Darn those spam mails that ate my server’s diskspace!

Yesterday, my site was down because I attempted to upgrade mywomenblog from WordPress 2.02 to WordPress 2.1. I tried for almost an hour and thought I had screwed up my files. However, upon checking, I found that I had disk space over quota. I immediately sent an email to my webhost and he gave me a temporary 100MB diskspace.

Thanks to sapiensbryan my webhost, I got it running. It is crucial not to have downtime because I have TextLinkAds advertisers to answer to. There are 10 text link ads there and I am answerable to the downtime. Moreover, I do paid posts there and my posts can be rejected should the PayPerPost patrol comes by to approve post and found my site down. I was almost panicky when I couldn’t upload the tinyMCE files in WP-includes because of disk space over quota. Without that, I get fatal error warning.

I did a check on my control panel and just couldn’t find how I used up the disk space. According to the disk usage, there are 240 MB usage in the mail. I went through all of them and can’t seem to find any mails collected there. Lucky, my webhost found those darn spam mails hidden in the spam folder.

He had freed 160MB and cleared 10,000 mails. God knows how many more I have to clear. Thanks to the tutorial given by my webhost, I know where to hunt for those darn spam mails now.

Anyway, I still don’t understand how those spam mails collected there. I had forwarded some of the mails to the blackhole and also to some gmail accounts. Yet, these spammers keep hitting on my sites. Bah, I hate them!

Post Author: lilian

3 thoughts on “Darn those spam mails that ate my server’s diskspace!


    (January 24, 2007 - 8:34 pm)

    Probably they went into your “catch-all” account instead of /dev/null.


    (January 24, 2007 - 9:38 pm)

    Have you been cooking too much spam recently? LOL!


    (January 24, 2007 - 10:34 pm)

    pablopabla – But this one costs money wan ler. Lucky, my/your webhost gave me temporary relief or else I kena pay for additional disk space.

    david – Hehehe, I know nothing about that ‘cos I seldom meddle with the control panel. I only know how to upload files on filezilla. Dare not meddle too much or else I wipe out the whole database, then die ler.

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