Creamaid is a good dessert

Don’t drool over the photo of the donut. I am going to tell you about how good Creamaid is. So listen up, will ya? :P

It is one of the latest thing in town. You have to read and learn how good it is. Well, for a start, you can go to my personal blog and talks about McDonalds. You see a tiny widget at the bottom? Take a drive. And find out yourself. My fillet o fish is waiting for you here. You get a royalty fee plus some other fee just putting on Creamaid.

And no, creamaid is not the doughnut but creamaid brings you dough. Get it? No signing up, no filling in forms. Just talk about it by clicking on the participate button. Then, sit back and hope for goodies to come. Go on, have a burger.

Post Author: lilian