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I picked up this info from Weblog Tools Collection about this WordPress Generator. I head over there and played around with the colours, margins, fonts and backgrounds. Nice! I can choose to have the pages menu on the side bar or the top.

So, if you are a total noob and wish to mess around with changing colours for your WordPress themes, this is one for you to experiment with. After you are satisfied, you can save the files and upload to your WordPress theme and use it.

Me? Nay…I am lazy to change themes and hate seeing a drop in Adsense, just in case the template is not optimised for Google Adsense like my current one.

Enjoy twiddling with those options there. You will probably learn a bit how your WordPress template files work after a while. Remember, don’t let those codes there intimidate you. If you stare at it hard and long enough, they will start to make sense to you and you can manage with minor changes to your themes. That’s how I learnt too – Stare at it. Hehehe.

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    (April 26, 2007 - 5:41 pm)

    5xmom – trusted source wordpress tools/plugin for noob like me :)

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