Congrats to Nuffnang Founders who are BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in Asia

I have wanted to post this when I saw it on Nuffnang’s blog a few days ago but at that time, all bloggers were too engrossed over that PR thingie. So, by now, I think everything has blown over and we know that the world did not end the day we got a PR 0/10. It wasn’t Armageddon, right?

For us Malaysians and Singaporean bloggers, we are lucky that we have our own homegrown ads companies. Right now, I know many of us do not earn much yet but we have to remember that no ads companies pay us anything if we have no traffic, brandname or regular readers and organic traffic. Etch that in your mind and you won’t be disappointed.

Nuffnang is barely a year old company and these two young men are well, very young too! So, unless we have some faiths and pride in our own Malaysian and Singaporean products, companies and money making ads companies, how do you think people are going to think of us? (referring to the morons who posted on Techcrunch, dissing and spitting at their ownselves at some chao angmoh’s site because to them, angmoh’s sai always smell phang-er, translation : manusia yang meludah ke langit dan kena diri sendiri sebab mereka ingat tahi orang putih memang harum)

I have seen and observed many people going around with their negatives inputs. I am a very good observer (being an ex-executive secretary who was trained to do that) and notice that some of these bloggers leave contradicting comments. For example, I saw this blogger posted on his own blog that Nuffnang spanking new version 2 was released. He said so on his blog many days ago. Yet, this rat went to another blogger’s blog and commented, “Hey, NN said they are going to launch in October, now November, why still not launch?” Then, true enough, another one will go and add a few more negative inputs. Yo! I can see a pattern to that already, you can stop the game lah. Pi mai pi mai, tang tu….Tadak cita lain ke?

Ok, now back to the main title. Congratulations to Timothy and Ming for that award – BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in Asia. I hope nuffnang will continue to bring us moolah, lots of them!

(photo ‘stolen’ from nn)

Please send your congrats message to them on nuffnang’s blog and you can read the full story from BusinessWeek through the link from nn’s blog.

And I don’t want to hear ‘I got no ads…’ I am not nuffnang, go tell them if you want. My sites also don’t get ads. Not like every ad companies surely pays us? How often have we been left out of ads programs because we are Malaysians/Singaporeans? Now is the time to support Nuffnang, Asia’s First Blog Community. You won’t get segemented out due to your PR and your continent, that’s for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Congrats to Nuffnang Founders who are BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs in Asia


    (November 24, 2007 - 3:00 am)

    wow congratulations to NN! And im extra proud since I got an email from them letting me know a new advertiser will be advertising their product on one of my blogs starting next week. YAY!

    can bloggers be entrepreneurs like them?


    (November 25, 2007 - 4:37 pm)

    From my point of view, yes Nuffnang is already leading Advertlets and great job to the Nuffnang founders. I used to think that both Nuffnang and Advertlets were equal but now, Advertlets seems to only serve and give priority to top and famous bloggers. I have been waiting for my cheque for 2 months already and still I haven’t received anything from them, I have mailed them and until today I still didn’t get any reply from them and it is already 2-3 weeks. I am really disappointed with them and Nuffnang’s service is definitely better in all aspects.

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