Competition, competition, competition

I hate competitions. If I enter, I must win. Or I won’t enter. But what if whether one choose to enter or not, one is part of it?

I have four blogs in the top 100 blogs list and I am not amuse at all.

Nay…..two of my blogs which I am really not proud of are there. I actually hope no one knows about those blogs but they are there.

I seriously have doubts now about this new ‘ranking’ method. You see, one of my blog which as I said, is one which I am not proud of achieved a ranking of 8. To explain, it is the 8th best blog out of the whole blogs universe.

I have doubts because I wonder if advertisers are going to be receptive to this method of ranking. I can easily get one spammy, thrashy, gossipy, grating on my conscience blog shoot up high easily. As a publisher, I know I am not giving value to my advertisers. I may have 50K visitors on a single day but those 50K are all perverts and not interested in child insurance. And that insurance company may have to pay sky high to get their link on the perverts-welcome blog just because their traffic is high.

You get what I mean? Of course, advertisers are smart enough to look at the average rank of the blogger and finding the right niche. But average numbers can be easily manipulated if let’s say you dedicated a few days catering to perverts. Yes, by now you should know that the highest number traffic blogs are those catering for the perverts, wankers, gossip mongers and insecure souls. Go on, run home and start one already! Hehehe.

Still, I am holding out for this new way of ranking. That’s why I am not telling you what ranking I am babbling about. I hope advertisers are receptive to the ranking, they don’t mind no-follow and we are off to spark the social community.

Post Author: lilian