Yesterday, one of the companies dealing in parenting products left a comment in my parenting blog. The comment is very relevant to my post but I can sniff out that it is pure bullshit. They are only interested in gaining a link through my blog post comment.

This same company has run a few campaigns through PayPerPost, paying between USD8 to USD50 (back in those days when I have PR) and even offered me USD180 for a month’s banner ad. I was generous and even throw in a free review for them. However, they are now taking this path of trying to gain links by leaving comments in relevant post.

Too bad, I am very protective of my comments and I don’t always approve comments.

If one is running a business, I think they should stay away from this method of gaining links because it makes their company looks cheap. For five bucks you can buy a link with a good keyword. Why are they so stingy?

Now, I am going to delete off all the old posts from this company. Just because I can. And oh, do you know that there are companies who hire people to leave comments? Blek, I won’t go this path. I see other people’s blog as their private domains so it is like encroaching into someone’s home. And when you take advantage of it to sell stuffs, I will cuss like how I will cuss when a peddlar walked into my home to sell me snake oil. See what I did to a person who left her phone number to sell cupcakes. (read the comments)

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