I have just changed my personal blog WordPress theme to a Christmas WordPress theme. I used the same Christmas theme last year. I wish those creative WordPress theme designers will come out with more themes that are in tune with the latest WordPress version. Unfortunately, I cannot find any fresh designs.

5xmom Christmas WordPress theme

Since none of the themes out there impress me much, I won’t be sharing the links as you can easily Google Christmas WordPress themes and pick one yourself. They are all almost identical as I believe there are less than 20 choices.

So, if you are a WordPress theme designer…DUDE, MAKE SOME NEW ONES, PLEASE! You will get lots of link backs, you know?

However, there is one Christmas snowfall plugin that I adore. Previous years, I used AndyBeard Snowfall plugin which comes with large snowflakes design. However the plugin doesn’t seem to work or available for download from Andy’s site. So, I stumbled on another Christmas snowfall plugin. I love how the snow falls on my blog. I get a sense of peace though I have never see real snow falling. It is just lovely. See the snowfall on WordPress on my personal blog.

Of course, make money bloggers may not be keen to go Christmassy mood. But if your blog is targetting women, food lovers, parents and shopping, do change your blog theme to get your visitors into the mood. They may get infected with the festive mood and click on one of your ads or affiliate link to buy something, you know?

I am a Catholic and we are going into the season of Advent next week. It is the four weeks preceeding Christmas and our church are calling us to tune ourselves to receive the birth of Christ. It is not a call to celebrate but rather to prepare ourselves, worthy to receive a humble, selfless, forgiving and loving man. (just to explain why I prepare for Christmas so early)

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