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I started using Chitika Premium ads at the beginning of August. If you are from Malaysia or any of the countries not included in the Chitika Premium ads, you may not see the advertisements. However, it pays well and only pay when US traffic click on it.


The above is the screenshot of my income daily. The ads is behaviourial, meaning, Chitika shows the kind of ad according to what the traffic is looking for. For example, if people are searching for sex, they get such ads as below :

Picture 1.png

All ads about sex. The advertisements are triggered by what the surfers are searching so it is a little bit like Google Adsense. However, note that Chitika can be placed together with Google, as specified in Chitika. The Chitika Premium ads work well on niche sites as I have checked and found that many of ads are relevant to what the surfers were searching.

However, I place them way down on the sidebar so that surfers are not distracted from Google Adsense which I place in the fold (the top part of our blog). I cannot tell if Chitika pays more or Google Adsense because I am too lazy to set channels.

Chitika AD PRO – Selling ads space and get 100%

Meanwhile, Chitika comes out with another new ad format call the Chitika Ad Pro. It is the little 125×125 banner ads place on our sidebar. According to Chitika, we get 100% income. Right now, I have set the price for this blog at very low, i.e. USD3 per day and let’s test if there is any advertiser. It suits me because I am too lazy to arrange to sell banners ads on my own as it involves too much work of negotiating, collecting payment, tracking when it expires yadda yadda yadda. I shall leave it to Chitika to deal.

So, if you have not try to make money with Chitika, do sign up and take a test run. It works for me better than Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Chitika Premium is working well


    (August 11, 2008 - 5:45 am)

    I decided to try Chitika Premium recently after being invited by them. And, I must say that it is working well, too, and surprisingly my blog’s not a niche. I also put mine above the fold (under my post heading).

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, though, since my blog has 70% of its hits mainly from US visitors.


    (August 11, 2008 - 8:20 pm)

    thanks.. i think i will try this one as well..


    (August 13, 2008 - 8:05 pm)

    I’ve always tried to get in on Chitika but it never works…seems like they don’t like me :(

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