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Few days ago, I logged on to my old Chitika account which I set up in 2005. I have USD9.48 in there. I took Chitika for a ride because lately, this company has been very dynamic in terms of their choices of ads and also the kind of products and brand names they carry.

I have been figuring out ways to optimize Chitika without sacrificing my Google adsense income. Sometimes, when you put a new ad, you have to make sure that the new ad does not grab away the attention from your performing one. A lot of monitoring is required because you do not want to put a white elephant that eats up all your income.

I have to make channels to be sure which page works and which don’t. I have to read and re-read that putting Chitika is not against Google Adsense. I have to pick just the product I want.

So, I did. I pick only a couple of products. Place them only on some of the pages I know are the ‘magnet’ of my blogs. I have to figure out what kind of people come to my blog and what exactly they are looking for.

In this case, you may want to install the Alex King Popularity Contest wordpress plugin to gauge what are your most visited pages.

Now, after four days, here are my income from Chitika.


First day – 25 cent
Second day – 14 cent
Third day – USD1.87
Fourth day – USD3.55

There are audited and unaudited figures. It doesn’t matter. At least I am seeing movement.

So, my suggestions if you are going to use Chitika are :
1) Place only one or two products on your hottest page.
2) Place it under your title
3) Monitor that your adsense does not drop dramatically
4) Keep an eye on the performance by setting up specific channels. Take off those non-performing pages.
5) Use the Shylock Adsense Adsense plugin and stuff the ads only in old pages so that you don’t annoy the hell out of your regular blog readers. I place ads only on pages which are 3-6 months and above.
6) You cannot apply the same tactic you use for Adsense to Chitika, i.e. slap one code that covers your whole blog. Remember the specific products for specific pages. Don’t use those seasonal, bored-to-death iPod, xbox etc ads.

Sign up for Chitika and test it out yourself.

Oh ya, what you read from probloggers’ blogs and those e-books may not work for us because what works for American publishers don’t work for us Asians. We need to go the extra mile and be more crafty as Chitika does not count Asian clicks. Hence, we have to be very specific with the type of ads we serve and geo target our visitors. That’s why 5xmom rocks! She studies and she shares, for free. Hehehe.

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4 thoughts on “Chitika is performing


    (April 17, 2008 - 10:37 pm)

    i was confuse in my chitika about audit earning and unaudit earning? in audite earning $ 1.79 but unaudite earning is $ 4.38 how much total my erning in chitika? thanks


    (April 17, 2008 - 10:41 pm)

    manung36 – Chitika only pays us the audit amount because at the end of the month, they will deduct out all the clicks from Asia. If your blog has more Asia continent traffic, then, Chitika won’t work well and I would advise taking it off if it interfere with your Adsense.

    Blog For Money

    (April 18, 2008 - 10:55 am)

    I found that Chikita only worked ‘ok’ on my sites because they weren’t ‘product targeted’ sites. Keep us up-to-date on what your progress with the Chikita

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