Check your nuffnang’s ad placement

Few days ago, someone MSN me about a rejected paid post because of his ad’s placement. I took a peek and guessed the reason for the rejection. So, let’s do a little audit on our ad’s placement.

Too obscene placement

1) What do you see on the computer monitor when you surf to your own site? Do you see only huge banner of yourself, some rectangle ad’s placement and nothing else? Then it is bad placement because one cannot see the ‘meat’ (content) of your site. Reduce the size of your banner, and change the rectangle ad to banner ad of 728×90 for example.

Too obscure
2) On the other hand, do you see no ads on your site? If you are placing banner ads, advertisers want their ads to be seen without scrolling down. So, don’t hide it at the footer or right down after all your cute avatars, friends blog, flickr pics etc.

For those of us who write paid posts and also wish to earn income from banner, text links or adsense ads, we need to find a balance. We have to please the paid post advertisers and also those who paid to have their links on our sidebar.

Take a look at my personal blog and see the placement of my ads :


You can see that immediately after my header, I have on the same level TextLinkAds and nuffnang ads slot. You can also see my post immediately. This way, I am pleasing paid post advertisers, TextLinkAds advertisers and maybe tempt some local advertisers to place ads on my site through nuffnang. You can also see some Google Ads at the top. A blend of four things on the computer monitor.

Of course, this may not be the best advice but trust me, it works for me on all my blogs. That’s how I managed to sell off all 10 links on two of my blogs. Plus getting a decent income from Google Ads and plenty of paid posts to write from ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews and PPP.

Now,nuffnang had given us the good news that ads will roll out real soon and they suggested :

Firstly, the advertisers who will be advertising on our network for the first two weeks are especially interested in advertising in your Skr, they were quick to note that a number of bloggers had put their Skyscraper Ad Units too far down the Sidebar to garner any attention. The rule of thumb is that each Skyscraper Unit must be placed high enough in the sidebar such that it is visible when your blog first loads up (without the need to scroll down).

Let’s do a quick check on our ads placement and anticipate the local ads landing on our blog.

Cheers to nuffnang and we are behind you all the way!

Post Author: lilian