Changing WordPress template

Someone asked me how I change my template and where do I get them from.

I shall not go into detail about ftp and how to transfer files at the moment. Firstly, where to get those lovely templates? Are they free?

Yes, they are absolutely free. I love to hang out at this site call Theme Viewer . It is like window shopping for me because if I see any nice, new designs, I will try them out. However, a word of caution. If your site is optimised for Adsense and you are earning a decent income from it, don’t rock the boat. Stick with your boring, old theme because changing a new one may cause your Adsense to drop. I experimented with one and found my Adsense dropped so dramatically.

For newbies, try to find templates that are not too difficult to handle. Stay away from biggie words like ajax, live search and even widget, if you may. Normally the template comes with several files and you may need to tweak those files. There are basic ones which have like 7 files and there are those that come with plugins and whatnots.

Once you have find something you like, download it to your PC. Next tip – How to change it on your site.

Post Author: lilian