Best advice on WordPress spam injection evarrr

You may be the next victim. Oh wait, maybe your Wordpress blog is already infested with the MTF-ker spam injection. Good luck! The spam will kill your blog like cancer does, silently, painfully and by the time you find out, it is too late because you probably lost ads income, traffic and pageranks. OMG! Bwahaha.

Meanwhile, I have come out of this much wiser and smarter. I can almost talk Greek now!

Fresh WordPress themes

I subscribe to Hyder’s Everybodygoto’s blog and just discovered that he has some really bold, fresh, clean and wide column WordPress Themes. I have immediately downloaded both themes and use them for my ‘secret’ blogs. :P He has two free WordPress Themes. One is FreshPress which has blue tone, most suitable for our kind of […]

More WP 2.5 rants – Widgets

Am I clueless or what? Previously, they show us the different panels of the widget. Say your WordPress theme has three widgets, all three will line up side by side and all I need was to shift the boxes around to how I want them placed. It is pretty easy to do so and from […]

Two things about WP 2.5 which I hope to change

The Save and Publish button is too close together. I have hit on the wrong button. I am sure other bloggers too have hit the publish button when they actually wanted to save a post. The other is the category part. Normally, I can see it on my left side panel and easily pick a […]

WP 2.5 slow publish and save action is killing me

I am now regretting upgrading to WP 2.5. I have a blog which is almost four years old and has over 3,000 posts. Since I upgraded to WP 2.5, I have this problem of publishing a post or even editing a post. It takes forever to finish and sometimes, it takes over a minute. Nowadays, […]

Upgrading to WP 2.5 is a breeze and a bitch

I say screw the step-by-step tutorial and just wham, bang, thank you ma’am when I upgrade my WordPress. So far, I have upgraded at least 10 blogs to WordPress 2.5. I just upload the new folders over without deactivating plugin or back-up. Don’t try it unless you know you have a reliable webmaster to help […]