Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.1 with no problem

There is an upgraded version of WordPress today. I have upgraded two of my blogs to WordPress 2.6.1 with absolutely no problems at all. Lately, my server crashed due to CPU overload and I am paranoid if I have gotten another bout of WordPress Spam Injection. So, if there is any new versions, I will […]

Kick-ass related posts plugin for WordPress

A few bloggers have written to ask me about the related posts plugin I am currently using for my WordPress. I was/am/not going to use anymore the Related Posts plugin from wasabi something which is no longer available. However, the plugin doesn’t work with some themes and I suspect it used up too much CPU […]

Too many dot org biz net com info

Do you secure your domain names by buying up all your dots? I only do so for one URL because I still cannot get my chanlilian for dot com. The previous owners refuse to give up because my name is HOT! *evades rotten tomatoes*

This blog is running on WordPress 2.6

I have been waiting for the release of WordPress 2.6 eversince my WP 2.5.1 was hacked with WordPress spam injection. Finally, WordPress 2.6 is released and I will be the first to jump on upgrading all my blogs. Since the internet connection is working ok, I better do it fast. Here’s a video on the […]

Polishing Matt Cutts of Google shoes

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