Laman Web Khairy – Khairy website

I picked up from the Star on 7th March that Khairy Jamaluddin has a website at rembau dot net. If you wish to learn more about Khairy please visit Khairy website. Laman web Khairy Jamaluddin ada di rembau dot net. I have posted about this on my personal blog title Laman Web Khairy as well. […]

Look! Nuffnangers stalking my blogs!

I am not sure if Nuffnangers notice the Community panel on your Nuffnang dashboard? It is on the left side where the analytics are. I am not giving screenshots ‘cos you either know there it is or you don’t need to know in the first place. It is something like MyBlogLog widget where it shows […]

Will you write 300 words for nothing?

*A re-post. Contest ended and result announced. Links will be added later* Most people will say definitely not. But I am the queen of craps and I can write anything within a short period of time. I am a professional crapper and things flew out of my keyboard faster than most people can read. My […]