TLA – The history by Patrick Gavin

Eventhough I had been Google smacked all across my blogs for putting TLA previously, I still am fond of TLA. I no longer sell text links that pass Google juice on this site because I am using the no-follow tags. But on those blogs that are favourites of TLA advertisers, I am still earning a […]

Why I *heart* TLA

They pay the fastest. I already received my payment for November and had even withdrawn and cashed out. (I can only withdraw USD500 each day so I hate waiting and cashed it out in other ways.) Their service is the best-est. When I requested TLA to remove the text link ads from two of my […]

Is it textlinkads, textlinksad or textlinkad?

I never like to keep things in my bookmarks or browser. So, what I do is to type the keyword and search for the link I want. I wanted to check my TextLinkAds and found that there is no link on Google! textlinkad – This Make$ Money$ site is on #3 but no TLA official […]