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13Oct Text Link Ads publishers – Have you checked if your plugin is working?

This is just a little community message to TextLinkAds publishers that we need to upgrade the WordPress plugin to version 3.2.2 because the previous one version 3.1.0 were giving problems with the XML files. I got an email notification from them that Text Link Ads cannot access my sites (not this site, this site does […]

03Mar TLA – The history by Patrick Gavin

Eventhough I had been Google smacked all across my blogs for putting TLA previously, I still am fond of TLA. I no longer sell text links that pass Google juice on this site because I am using the no-follow tags. But on those blogs that are favourites of TLA advertisers, I am still earning a […]

01Dec Why I *heart* TLA

They pay the fastest. I already received my payment for November and had even withdrawn and cashed out. (I can only withdraw USD500 each day so I hate waiting and cashed it out in other ways.) Their service is the best-est. When I requested TLA to remove the text link ads from two of my […]

05Oct Lovely to be greeted by Text Link Ads mails

When you monetize your site, there is a certain thrill in opening your emails each morning. You will be pleasantly surprised to get mails from all the various companies you work for. It can be emails from Paypal telling you that you have just received a huge payment overnight. It can be emails from paid […]

27Aug Have you changed your Text Link Ads to tinyurl yet?

I didn’t get any email from TextLinkAds nor ReviewMe. I am not sure why but my email seems to have dropped off from their record and many times, they ended up in the spam bin. I heard that Text Link Ads wants all their publishers to change their links to tinyurl. So far, I only […]

03Jul Text Link Ads Calculator – Estimate how much your links worth

I have blogged about this many months ago and feel it is good to refresh those who are interested to make money about the Text Link Ads Calculator. If you have not heard of TLA or Text Link Ads, you can check my category and understand how it works and how to sell links on […]

27Jun Is it textlinkads, textlinksad or textlinkad?

I never like to keep things in my bookmarks or browser. So, what I do is to type the keyword and search for the link I want. I wanted to check my TextLinkAds and found that there is no link on Google! textlinkad – This Make$ Money$ site is on #3 but no TLA official […]