Really does not pay since August 2007?

I hope advertlets stop making excuses & start doing genuine business…
Funny story… i just bank in their first check (the one and only).. to make things more complicated they ask for my ic scan copy…. i just gave them my ic no.. SCAN COPY NO WAY!… My previous experience with them & comments from other (under keywords “Advertlets Sucks”) does not give me confidence to give them my IC Scan copy…

Is Adsense Taiko – a scam?

I picked this up from HongKiat who quoted NoktahHitam’s post. So, if you have been wondering if the site that claims to help you make a lot of money from Google Adsense, the Adsense Taiko is a scam, do read NoktahHitam’s post. He has revealed a lot of things about and whether it is […]

Try to understand my spammer

I have been getting these jibberish comments with unrecognisable words in a string. I checked with Adwords to see if those are high paying keywords but nay, there is not enough volume to check. In a comment, there are three links. Funny thing is the URL is not linked with any keywords but instead, the […]

Adsense Secret is a scam?

I saw this being promoted by JohnChow a couple of days ago but the mention of Joel scares the shit outta me because long time ago, I subscribed to his emailing list and that man cannot stop sending spammy emails which sound really tempting. But this time, JohnChow makes it sound ‘workable’. Buy AdSense Secrets […]

Rightttt…you are paying me USD6.3K just to do nothing

I got a few emails today. Email A We’ve seen your website at and we love it! We see that your traffic rank is 39056 and your link popularity is 16. Also, we see that you are online since . With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month to advertise […]

I told you so! That Agloco scam?

I had long categorized Agloco in my blog category as SCAM. Here are some of my old posts related to Agloco. There is nothing more fulfilling than to tell them – I told you so……. Hey, diehard Agloco fans, whatever happened to your viewbar? AGLOCO toolbar coming! OMG, OMG, like I am SOOOO like EXCITED! […]