Is PayPerPost aka IZEA really going to remove Google PR and use Yahoo backlinks?

3) Correct, correct, correct. Saya mangsa penderaan anjiiing betinas di sana kerana hendak mempertahankan maruah, air muka dan standard beruk-gers dari negara kita.

Competition, competition, competition

I hate competitions. If I enter, I must win. Or I won’t enter. But what if whether one choose to enter or not, one is part of it? I have four blogs in the top 100 blogs list and I am not amuse at all. Nay…..two of my blogs which I am really not proud […]

Smorty Sucks

I have stopped writing for Smorty because I do not take online casino posts as my grandma Google will smack sites that feature too many casino reviews. Anyway, it is not like Smorty has a lot of opps. Then, a few days ago, I read from Cybercelt’s blog about Smorty unfair’s TOS. Please read what […]

How we got our Google Pagerank back

A few days ago, my webmaster told me he got back his PR 5/10 within five days after he submitted to Google Webmaster Central for reconsideration. He only did a few paid posts and he was penalized with PR 0/10 too. Someone else also gained back his PR 2/10. Adino decided to take the route […]

WTF? All our blogs are pwnd by Izearanks?

Initially, I thought only those who opted in to compare their stats are part of the Izearanks and only their blogs URL will be shown. However, I just realized that whatever blogs I have which have the Socialspark codes are now open for public scrutiny! WTF?!? Thank goodness I have removed my codes for a […]