Can we still make money online writing paid posts?

I have never written for SocialSpark and still am puzzled how it works. I did try but when the post was given to me, the amount offered was much lower than what I bid. So, I didn’t participate. Frankly, after all the hype from Payperpost aka Izea aka Socialspark, I never see it taking off […]

Matt Cutts of Google says SocialSpark is good?

I have refrained from writing paid posts from SocialSpark on my blogs with pageranks because I am paranoid of getting my pageranks demoted to forever zero. I was so afraid of being penalised, I even took off all the SocialSpark – Izea codes from my main blogs with pageranks. My earlier fears was – You […]

Is SocialSpark helping you to make money?

So, is SocialSpark working for you? Or is PayPerPost doing better? (SocialSpark uses no-follow, PPP must do-follow). I am barely hanging on as the all time top ten earner on PayPerPost. I am expected to be kick off the top ten any minute soon as I do not write for PayPerPost that often too. Faster visit PayPerPost and take a look at my little avatar for one last time, will you? LOL.