Is PayPerPost trying to kill competitors, bloggers or suicide?

you bloggers, enjoy your fifty farking filthy cents. It is an insult to us bloggers. Fifty cent per piece? But then fifty cents is a lot of rupee, isn’t it? Advertisers, outsourcing, eh? You sure you won’t get your companies killed by Google?

Can we still make money online writing paid posts?

I have never written for SocialSpark and still am puzzled how it works. I did try but when the post was given to me, the amount offered was much lower than what I bid. So, I didn’t participate. Frankly, after all the hype from Payperpost aka Izea aka Socialspark, I never see it taking off […]

Matt Cutts of Google says SocialSpark is good?

I have refrained from writing paid posts from SocialSpark on my blogs with pageranks because I am paranoid of getting my pageranks demoted to forever zero. I was so afraid of being penalised, I even took off all the SocialSpark – Izea codes from my main blogs with pageranks. My earlier fears was – You […]

Is SocialSpark helping you to make money?

So, is SocialSpark working for you? Or is PayPerPost doing better? (SocialSpark uses no-follow, PPP must do-follow). I am barely hanging on as the all time top ten earner on PayPerPost. I am expected to be kick off the top ten any minute soon as I do not write for PayPerPost that often too. Faster visit PayPerPost and take a look at my little avatar for one last time, will you? LOL.