Hallelujah! I got my Google PR back

I have a faith blog. It was PR 4/10. Then, I got greedy and stuffed some paid posts into it. And I got smacked to PR 0/10. After that, I decided that I have enough. I left the blog untouched for 5 weeks. Then, I stripped off all paid posts that I can afford to […]

A fresh round of Google Pagerank (PR)

I am so happy to find a few of my new blogs with Pagerank! Whee! Of course, these blogs are not doing any paid posts nor selling text links. Two of them are just a few months old with not many posts. So, did you get any Pagerank this time? Anyone has PR increase? Or […]

LinkWorth offers bloggers the No-Follow option

In case you want some no-follow plugins to be the unfriendly bastard like me, you can head over to AndyBeard‘s site. He has the ultimate follow and no-follow plugins. I use a variety because there are sites that I totally do not wish to leave any chances for Google to bitch slap me again. And […]

How we got our Google Pagerank back

A few days ago, my webmaster told me he got back his PR 5/10 within five days after he submitted to Google Webmaster Central for reconsideration. He only did a few paid posts and he was penalized with PR 0/10 too. Someone else also gained back his PR 2/10. Adino decided to take the route […]