Matt Cutts of Google says SocialSpark is good?

I have refrained from writing paid posts from SocialSpark on my blogs with pageranks because I am paranoid of getting my pageranks demoted to forever zero. I was so afraid of being penalised, I even took off all the SocialSpark – Izea codes from my main blogs with pageranks. My earlier fears was – You […]

Google is human (that freaky pagerank thingie)

Eversince the first PR smackdown, I have developed obsession over my pageranks. Last night, I discovered something even freakier. Google is human. Google sees with human eyes. Google punishes with human mind. I lost the pagerank on my main page (because I did something notty) but my internal pageranks remain because I didn’t do anything […]

Freddie Kruger aka Google Pagerank at the door?

Just last night, while I was pasting on the privacy policy required for Google Adsense for all my sites, I notice the pageranks of a few blogs that I hardly touched. Some of those are not blogs but rather, static website that used to be hosted on Dreamweaver. Some pageranks were gone, probably due to […]

Are your blogs income picking up again?

Last year, bloggers have a very good income from blogging. They earn from several ways like Google Adsense, TextLinkAds, doing paid reviews and also selling banner ads. However, Google put its foot down and almost every blogger’s income was affected. My own income drop from USD5K per month to an all time low of USD1,500. […]

Google gives, Google takes

Lesson for today – Never take Google for granted. Google is like a menopausal grandma who changes her mind all the time. Sorry, no offence to grandmas but I cannot think of a more fitting description of a matriarch who smacks you for no apparent reason and yet, you cannot shout back.