Is there a Google pagerank update in November 2008?

The last Google pagerank update was on September 27, 2008. It was just a lapse of two months from July 27, 2008. So, if we go by this trend, then, we shall see another Google pagerank on November 27, 2008. Does it matter? Nay….I am just a pagerank freak who gets her kicks from the […]

While I was sleeping, there was a Google pagerank massacre….

*jeng jeng jeng* Google came earlier than I expected. The last Google pagerank update was on July 27th. Barely two months, Google pagerank update is here again. This time around, I lose some, I gain some. This blog pagerank drops a notch. And so did a few other blogs. The blogs without pagerank and which […]

Who will lose their pageranks?

For the longest time, I have been trying to decipher Matt Cutt’s short para. Hey folks, I wanted to let you know that new toolbar PageRank values should become visible over the next few days. I’m expecting that also in the next few days that we’ll be expiring some older penalties on websites. This short […]

How long to get Google pagerank?

From my observation, it takes about three months for a site to get a pagerank. For example, my Penang Hawker Foods blog took five months. But that’s because I started blogging actively only in March and the last pagerank update was in April. So, I missed the boat and now, in the next pagerank update, […]

When is the next Google Pagerank update?

For the longest time, there has been no adrenalin rush of a Google smackdown or Google pagerank increase. So, yeah, many may scoff at the mere mention of pagerank and brushed it off as something noobs look for. Well, I think those are just sour-grapes griping because pagerank does matter. The higher your pagerank, the […]