So the pagerank came back, huh?

I have stopped using Firefox for a long time already. I normally use Chrome or Safari. I think I have used Firefox with the annoying green juice marker for pageranks for several months. This evening, I was using another computer which has only Firefox. And I discovered the pageranks came marching home. All three blogs […]

Who moved my pagerank (aka cheese)

I am currently reading Who Moved My Cheese. It is a rather corny book that I regretted buying. But then, my lecturer in the course I am taking, psycho-spirituality said it is a good book that talks about change. So, like the gullible person that I am, I spend RM29.90 on a really thin book […]

You win some, you lose some..

Hey people! Do you notice that Google is doing some major, drastic, killing pagerank updates? I lost some pagerank, including this site and several other sites. Yet, certain sites gained PR. So, I think I know what’s killing the pageranks. But I am not telling…… I have been away the whole weekend for a full […]

Did my personal blog just get a PR5/10?

Thanks to FlikTeoh who has a blog Online Money, I checked my pagerank and according to the little green bar, I have PR five! Pagerank 5/10! I had pagerank 5/10 a long time ago but Google murdered my pagerank after they found out that I was doing PayPerPost. I removed all my PayPerPost posts (I […]

March on…

I heard that there was a Google pagerank recently? Is it true? I don’t see any increase or disappearance of my blogs PR so I cannot be sure. Was there a Google pagerank update in February or March 2009?

Google December pagerank update – the final one for 2008

Well, well, Google pagerank update happens again. I notice a drop in pagerank for two of my blogs. Again, my faith blog lost another PR eventhough I didn’t do a thing to it. No paid post, not selling links. Anyway, the traffic to this faith blog is not much and I don’t get many backlinks. […]

Google Pagerank December 2008 update is here

Google pagerank December update is here! Whoopee! I thought I am seeing things but my blogs which have been getting PR 0/10 for the longest time have gotten back their pageranks. Just to be sure, I check with some of the check pagerank website and true enough, I have PR 3/10 for one blog and […]