Another “Streamyx is farked up” rant

Stupid TMNet. Bodoh punya syarikat. If don’t have the infrastructure, then, don’t farking waste money promote it and then, make life difficult for your users lah. I just cannot wait for a new Federal Government to take over so that they can abolish this monopoly. Or is that just a dream?

Why my blog feed is back to summary again

I forgot to mention that I have re-set my blog feeds to summary again because some bugger is taking my complete post. Every single one of them. There is no way to contact or leave a comment because assholes like them normally are too chicken to leave any door for people to go and give […]

WTF, Penang going to continue getting slow broadband till August 2nd

WTF, kanasai! My broadband went dead yesterday. So, I called 1-300-88-1515 for the world’s lousiest internet service provider Telekom Malaysia that provides Streamyx. I don’t expect to achieve anything from it but since the line is really, really dead I had no choice. No matter how I told them there is nothing wrong with my […]


Lastly, if you think this post is for you, too bad. No one is worth my time to dedicate a post for. It is just to pissed everyone off.

Oh ya, ask your mother don’t give birth to you. The world will be a much happier place. One less moron, more oxygen to breathe. Yay!

Fakey commentors, please go play far-far

Lately, there are so many ‘genuine’ comments. They look like these very ‘generous’ and ‘interested’ people are really reading my post and left relevant comments. But dudes, don’t push it too hard. Getting like 10 ‘looks real’ comment is too much attention on my poor, humble blog. I don’t need it. Please go play far-far. […]

Make money online Malaysia – Heh, eat this!

This is another ‘rub it in’ to the sour puss who tried so hard to prove how easy it is for him to get on the first page of Google Search Results in Malaysia. Yeah, so what….just for everyone’s information, make money keyword does not make money. So stop trying already. And did your ball […]