Blogrush, serves you right!

This is a ‘I told you so…..’ moment. Back in September 2007, I was already pissed with Blogrush. I wrote a post on ‘Blogrush premature ejaculation left me hanging.’ I said : I am going to keep Blogrush for another two days and they can go kiss my ass. I expect Blogrush to have some […]

Is Innity spamming you also?

For the bosses of Innity, let me tell you this. Malaysian blogosphere is very small, so do some homework and understand how we work before all your advertising companies get the idea that we bloggers owe you for our income. We not suck asses, we don’t polish shoes.

I just want to say ‘Whee!’

Because I discovered that : One of my blog traffic has overtaken my personal blog’s traffic. And that blog gets paid handsomely for each traffic that comes by. Google Adsense is erratic. Though I was doing rather badly at the first half of the month, the income improves these few days so my whole month […]

Grow up, link exchange is so yesterday

Don’t embarrass yourself by going to all my Pagerank 4/10 blogs and ask for link exchange. I do not know you, dude. Why should I care if you exist? Link exchange request is so yesterday. Now, if you want crazy number of backlinks, you go get some grayhat seo tool and get shit loads of […]

Full feed vs. feed summary

I notice that the bloggers who are into blackhat SEO give summary feeds only. And I seriously think they know best. Recently, I have set this blog feed to summary because one blog is practically taking every single post of mine to gain Adsense. After about a week, I notice I don’t see the trackback […]