It is not my fault my blogs ping three times

I am pissed. Something has been wrong with Streamyx for several days already and the line is slow like errmm…our leaders. I try not to rant about it because everyone is doing that. Then, I notice that when my line is slow, it tends to ping three times to PPS every time I published a […]

The seven deadly sins in make money blogging

I have a very hectic week because my children all return to school, kindie and college. As a mom with four boys whose age range from 18 years old to 6 years old, I have to deal with tiny sandals to three piece suits (for the chef-wannabe) to Government aided books to crayons and a […]

Should bloggers moderate comments?

morons who bother to change IP, go through 3rd party IP masking, change their names and emails. The blacklisting is available on Wordpress at Dashboard > Setting > Discussion and you can enter the details into the box Comment moderation or Comment blacklisting.

Their future comments will go into Akismet and that’s the end to pesky folks. They want freedom of speech? Tell them go set up their own blog and crap there.