First week of November – blog income dropping

Normally, I get my blog income in two batches. The first one is at the beginning of the month and the second is before the 10th of the month. This morning, I got the second batch of payment from two companies and am relieved I have enough to cash out USD500 plus some left in […]

Reminder on ad companies that don’t play together

Being the nice and kind blogger, allow me to give some reminders to bloggers that certain ad companies do not play well together. Many of us are too lazy to read the fine prints and I too rarely bother to read them. So, here are three companies to be aware of : Chitika and Kontera […]

Kontera – TOS violation : Which ads are not allowed?

I got a mail this morning warning me that I have broken Kontera Terms of Service. We wrote to you about a week ago, regarding the importance of complying with our TOS Agreement by running only one in-text provider. Currently, it does not appear that you have resolved this matter. It is important to us […]

One reason why you should try Chitika Premium

I have blogged about Chitika Premium but I am going to promote this one more time. Note that I don’t get any referral fees from it but I am telling you because I like it. As you know, Google Adsense does not allow us to place the ad under our title, just before our post. […]