Making money with affiliate sales

When my hubby was young, he used to follow his older brother selling pasar malam (or flea market) stuffs in small kampungs (villages). He often tell my children how good business was back then as there weren’t any hypermarkets or even sundry shops around. Until now, the bachelor brother is still opening a small grocery […]

Cool! Now Chitika Premium comes with WordPress plugin

Chitika Premium just released its WordPress plugin. It is so much easier to insert the Chitika Premium ads into our blog posts. Just download the Chitika plugin, upload it and select your choice of ads size. I like Chitika Premium because it doesn’t appear to our regular readers as it is targetted only for search […]

Glad that Chitika Premium no longer audit income

I am so glad to get an email from Chitika that the income audit is a thing of the past. Previously, Chitika audited our income and only pay us for USA traffic. However, with Chitika Premium ads placed in our blogs, now they pay us what is due to us. I love Chitika Premium because […]

A blog post is just as important

If you wish to make money through your blogs, one of the thing to remember is – Always treat each page or each blog post as a website on its own. Each blog post has its own value if you get it right. Sometimes, we only need two or three pages in a blog with […]