2008 starts with a big bang

I have also tabulated my income for December 2007. Well, I guess I should be happy that I manage to scrape USD2+K or around RM7K. It is a huge drop from my previous months income but I shouldn’t complain. I chose this path of not monetizing a lot of sites in order to go by Google quality guidelines.

Widgetbucks vs. TTZ media performance

I have tried both Widgetbucks and TTZ Media. I am sure many are familiar with WidgetBucks. However, I don’t see that many people people using TTZ Media. If you have been following JohnChow’s blog, you will notice how aggressive he promotes TTZ Media. However, I noted that JohnChow only made a mere $348.50 in November. […]

Why I *heart* TLA

They pay the fastest. I already received my payment for November and had even withdrawn and cashed out. (I can only withdraw USD500 each day so I hate waiting and cashed it out in other ways.) Their service is the best-est. When I requested TLA to remove the text link ads from two of my […]

Nuffnang cheque – RM2K, dua ribu, nor cheng!

Have you posted your cheque received from HSBC for Nuffnang’s income? No? let’s do it and show off. Hehehe, brag and boast a bit mah… Actually this is the first time I posted Nuffnang cheque. Previously, I don’t like to boast about it because local ads don’t bring much money for us compared to the […]