It’s Google payday again

Money. Many people died over it. A lot of people got conned and scammed by the lure of it. People are always searching for ‘how to make money without money’ or ‘how to scam to make money’. We can make money without money. But we need a lot of hard work to make money. If […]

Another milestone – 10K at NN

I will keep this discreet. But still, it is a big milestone to remember. I have touched 10K at NN! Yay! It is over a period of more than one year. Still it is a good way to monetize our site. Phweett!!! Bring out the tuak. Hahaha, I dare not put screenshot because I am […]

Happy Labour Day

a new month means new apprehension. Unlike other labourers (aka people who are employed), we do not not know what the month holds for us. was totally elated because 2 clicks brought me close to USD11. I sat there trying to figure out what exactly are those magic keywords.

Are your blogs income picking up again?

Last year, bloggers have a very good income from blogging. They earn from several ways like Google Adsense, TextLinkAds, doing paid reviews and also selling banner ads. However, Google put its foot down and almost every blogger’s income was affected. My own income drop from USD5K per month to an all time low of USD1,500. […]

TGIF and another new month ahead

I caught ShaMoneyMaker’s feed and realized that it is time for one of our ‘declare online income post’ once again. I had been out the whole of today because Chinese New Year is approaching and I have lots of shopping to do. Moreover, there is a sale and it is buy, buy, buy and spend, […]